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WAE 612 + ACNS 5.5.5 Help

I've been trying to setup a WAE 612 w/ ACNS 5.5.5, and I've run into a few problems. The goal is to setup a transparent forward proxy for WMT files. This is a standalone unit. The edge router that this device is hooked up to is a Cisco 7206VXR running IOS 12.4(12).

Initially, I configured WCCP outbound redirects on the WAN facing port of our edge router, and WCCP traffic seemed to be generated between the content engine and the router. `show statistics wccp gre,` it would return something like the following:

Transparent GRE packets received: 54919

Transparent non-GRE packets received: 0

Transparent non-GRE packets passed through: 0

Total packets accepted: 1134

Invalid packets received: 0

Packets received with invalid service: 0

Packets received on a disabled service: 0

Packets received too small: 0

Packets dropped due to zero TTL: 0

Packets dropped due to bad buckets: 0

Packets dropped due to no redirect address: 0

Packets dropped due to loopback redirect: 0

Connections bypassed due to load: 0

Packets sent back to router: 53785

Packets sent to another CE: 0

GRE fragments redirected: 0

Packets failed GRE encapsulation: 0

Packets dropped due to invalid fwd method: 0

Packets dropped due to insufficient memory: 0

Packets bypassed, no conn at all: 0

Packets bypassed, no pending connection: 53785

Packets due to clean wccp shutdown: 0

Packets bypassed due to bypass-list lookup: 0

Packets received with client IP addresses: 0

Conditionally Accepted connections: 0

Conditionally Bypassed connections: 0

L2 Bypass packets destined for loopback: 0

Packets w/WCCP GRE received too small: 0

Packets dropped due to IP access-list deny: 0

Packets fragmented for bypass: 21

Packet pullups needed: 21

Packets dropped due to no route found: 0

Unfortunately, when the clients attempted to call up a WMT video, it would go through the process of buffering, initializing, and going to a ready state; but the video would not play. The 'show statistics wmt all' would only increment the error counter with each play attempt; none of the other statistics from this command would change.

Next I attempted to just set this up as a non-transparent WMT proxy and configured an individual test Windows 9 Media client to reference the WAE as an RTSP proxy. It experienced the same problem as above. 'show statistics wmt all' would still only show error count increases with each attempted video, but nothing else would increment. This leads me to believe that the problem is not WCCP related, but something with my WAE configuration. I can successfully traceroute from my WAE to the video server; likewise, I can traceroute without problems from the WAE to my Windows media client machine.

Also, when I do commands such as 'show statistics mediafs,' the values for 'space used by WMT proxy' sometimes increments for an attempt to load a video; at best, the increase is about 12KB.

Here's the current WAE configuration file:

contentengine#show running-config

device mode content-engine

hostname contentengine

ip domain-name


interface GigabitEthernet 1/0

ip address


interface GigabitEthernet 2/0




ip default-gateway


wmt evaluate

wmt accept-license-agreement

wmt enable

wmt max-concurrent-sessions 2500


no auto-register enable


ip name-server


logging disk priority warning


transaction-logs enable


username admin password 1 jEy9iH6cH3x2s

username admin privilege 15


authentication login local enable primary

authentication configuration local enable primary


sshd enable


mediafs-division wmt-cache-space 100 real-cache-space 0


! End of ACNS configuration

Thanks -Mike


Re: WAE 612 + ACNS 5.5.5 Help

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