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WAF url rewriting

Hi everyone,

can anyone tell me if the ACE Web Application Firewall can do a url rewriting?

I mean i have the followinf scenario:

the client connects to the WAF with https://c.cgi and the WAF do the ssl-offload and sent to the real server just the http://c.cgi request. This will make the real server to send back to the client a redirection url: http://b.cgi and i need that this url to be modified by WAF in a way that the client should see: https://b.cgi.

Any ideeas?



Re: WAF url rewriting

Rewrite rules can only use quick pattern expressions to match content. For more information, see "About the Quick Pattern" section.

Message rewrite rules have the following format.

.: rewrite



Community Member

Re: WAF url rewriting

Thanks ebreniz.

Sorry for the delay, but i was very busy (and still am).

I do not understand (i am very far from being a programmer) the syntax of what you've wrote.

And, if you can tell me, where in the Web Interface of the WAF should i configure that?

where can i find the "About the Quick Pattern" section?

Thanks for your reply and i hope i am not too "profane" about the topic.


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Re: WAF url rewriting

Hi ebreniz,

it seemed that i was "profane" after all.

I found the section "About the Quick Pattern" in the WAF User Guide. Still, the syntax is very "unfriendly" to me :-)

I will check it carefully ...maybe i'll get it in the end.

Thanks again.


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Re: WAF url rewriting

Hi again,

i do not get if from the manual if all the signatures and rules can only be applied for the traffic coming from the user to the server or they also can be used for the replies of the servers.

I only want to rewrite the url that the server send back to the client.



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