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WASS - WAE Slow Printing

Hi All;

I appreciate your expertise in this case regarding Cisco WAAS and WAE devices and their printing services/capability. As i am aware WAAS printing services is done via CUPS (Common UNIX Printing services)

I have an issue with WAAS printing; I just recently set up WAE device as print server and works fine but the problem as per below:


Printing is real slow, for example if I was to print to same printer being hosted by windows print server i.e. windows 2000 (Yes I know OLD real OLD but they still use it!!) I would be able to do it in about 5 seconds, if I was to setup the same printer on WEA device it would take in between 30-60 seconds just to process it, also for instance if I was to right click on printer and check properties tab on W2K print server it takes about 3 seconds on WAE it may take up to 30 seconds sometime more.

What I have done:

  • I have setup and used  as test printer is HP 9500MFP (socket://10.36.9.xx:9100) and I have used both drivers PCL and PS and

  • I have published the printer  in Active Directory

  • I have checked the setting on both the WAAs and WAE device but I cannot find anything that may indicate where I can priorities printing traffic or optimize it. I made sure i have associated the driver and initailised it fine

  • I have also tried to tweak with printer properties and driver but no hope.

  • I have read the Cisco white_paper_c07-502183 and printingconfigwaas paper but I could not see anything mentioning anything about optimizing print queues etc, NOT sure if I had missed it or misinterpreted it and if so then please direct me or IT IS THE LIMITATION OF THE HARDWARE!!


  • Number of pilot users only 5 and all 5 not happy at all!!! Documents printed is mix of the two, Windows word docs and PDF docs

  • The WAAS and WEA devices are Cisco 474 and 274 respectively, the 274 will be used on branch offices and 474 is in main office (Head office) that I am currently setting up
    Note/Hint: I have noticed under accelerations on the WAAS Central manager, policies, classifiers tabs etc and I am not sure if I need to define policy in there to make it any faster and if so how would I go about it.
  • I have also included to images for you ease of understanding my situation

I hope I had provide enough information, if not please let me know. I will award MAX points to whom ever really helps me out

Your help and time is much appreciated. Thanks

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