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WCCP and load-balancer


I need configure two web proxy (ironport wsa) in active-backup mode (second box is active only when first box is unrecheable).

I have two questions:

1. is it possible configure active-backup model using only wccp (v2) (without LB)? I think, it's not possible :(. wccp can load-balance only between one or more cache engines without define policy for redirection traffic to cache engines (proxies).

2. when I use load-balancer (with LB I can configure active-backup model) can I use wccp features? How can I configure 'wccp client'? between http client and web proxy (ironport wsa) is ACE in bridge mode. Is it possible configure wccp to send traffic to VIP or in this situation is possible use only non-transparent mode??


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Re: WCCP and load-balancer

Hi Martin,

To answer your question # 1, your guess is right. WCCP can not be configured as active-backup model. The way WCCP load-balancing works is that if you have more cache engines in a WCCP farm then WCCP will redirect the TCP flows between cache engines based on the load-balancing algorithm you choose. With 'weight' being configured on cache engines the amount of flows redirected to one cache engine could be higher than the other.

Sorry, I don't fully understand your question # 2. Can you pl re-phrase it?



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Re: WCCP and load-balancer

Hello Nat,

I mean my second question this:

I need configure active-backup model for Ironport WSA (web proxy). I can't use WCCP only, but I can configure active-backup model using load-balancer (in this case ACE) and redirect/send client's traffic to VIP.

I'm convinced that I can setup 'proxy server' for clients and it will be working.

My question was, if this model (two proxies load-balanced as active-backup model presented as one VIP) can I use in transparent redirection by using WCCP. I'm not sure if it's possible, because WCCP client can't be VIP.

it's now clear?


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