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webNS feature - intelligent loadbalancing


i want to find if CSS can meet this requirement.-

application expects CSS loadbalancer to send http packets to specific nodes (IIS servers) based on meeting specific requirement, by inserting and reading cookies on the packet header.

Equivalent F5 - BigIP feature is iRule.

thanks in advance.





Re: webNS feature - intelligent loadbalancing


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Re: webNS feature - intelligent loadbalancing

Thanks Iftekhar.

some more info needed -

can it also forward packets to specific node within one 'pool' based upon multiple cookies (insert/read) information. The rule/accesslist should be configurable as per the need of application.

Thanks again.




Re: webNS feature - intelligent loadbalancing

Following can be achieved

+stick the client to a server based on the configured string found in the HTTP cookie header

+stick a client to a server based on a configured string found in the URL of the HTTP request.

+The CSS selects a Server (selected from a serverfarm using the configured Loadbalance policy) and transparently generates the cookie for a client (on server's behalf), the client stores it and returns it in subsequent requests. The CSS later uses it to maintain the client-server stickiness.

ACLs are supported to control access to resources.

What do you mean by multiple cookies?


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Re: webNS feature - intelligent loadbalancing

thanks again Iftekhar.

I understood what you said in the reply.

Now the scenraio is something like this -

within 'agent' & 'customer' chat/cobrowse application, 'agent' is interecting to more than one customer at the same time. The chat sessions are running on different servers behind the loadbalancer (but single VIP). The 'agent' response need to go to respective server's chat session as and when he interects with multiple chat/cobrowse session with other individuals.

So there could be a script running at CSS which will insert/inspect a typical identification cookie and foward packets. And thus 'agent' packets can selectively go to one server for one packet and different server for another packet.

I hope you got the idea.

Is this doable with CSS? It is doable with F5 loadbalancer using its iRule.

thank you.




Re: webNS feature - intelligent loadbalancing

I think what you mean is that cookie value is unique per session and then you would like to have a user stuck to a server for the

duration of the session. Each time a new session is started a new unique

cookie is created.

This requirement needs CSS to dynamically learn cookies and maintain stickiness based on the cookie learnt for the duration of the session.

This dynamic cookie learning feature is available with CSM & ACE but I dont think its supported on CSS.

I would like comments from others on this query.

Syed Iftekhar Ahmed

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