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WebSite Global Redirection

Hi There,

I believe that you will find this question stupid but I have been thinking about it and I reached the point that this is "Not Doable".

If I have 2 web servers holding the same website and having the same DNS name; one of them is in Europe and the other one is hosted in the far east.

My goal is that when a request comes from Europe or USA, the Europe server will get this request and if the request is generated from the far east, the relevant server will get the request.

I don't want to do this through the web servers themselves, but I need to do it through any routing technique, global redirection or DNS mechanism.

I know it sounds weird, but is this achievable in ANY way ?!?!?! Even if it involved expensive hardware platforms.



Cisco Employee

Re: WebSite Global Redirection


this is absolutely not a stupid question and it is do-able.

This is called network proximity routing.

The solution is based on DNS.

The idea is that when you get the dns request you check ask some probing devices [router] to measure the RTO time from the router to the client.

Hopefully, the router closest to the client will have the best RTO. the DNS server can then select the right server ip address to send its response.

The Cisco does this operation using a Global Site Selector (GSS). The configuration guide for network proximity is at :

See the example, this is more or less the same sa what you are asking.

This is not easy to understand the first time you have to do it, so you might require some assistance from a local Cisco SE.


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