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Windows NT IIS access and Keepalive?

Good afternoon,

This is more of a general question?

How do you handle windows ad iis access?

Currently on our intranet sites they want to have security setup but since the CSS does not belong to AD it requires anonymous access?

What we currently have been doing is allowing anonymous access to a file in the a directory in the IIS server.


I just curious on how others would handle this problem with IIS and the CSS?

If we use a script and an IIS/ad service account then we are only limited to 256 scripts and some of our CSS's have more than 256 keepalives?

We could do port address translation but that can become a burden for the Web admin or if there is a communication problem within the teams? As well we then have to instruct the Site admins to use the different ports to push content.

Just wondering how some others would handle IIS and Ad security?


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