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Xml not working on CSS11500

We previously used CSS 11000 series and made some scripts with xml files to perform some actions on it.

This was working fine.

No we replaced these Css'es with CSS11500 series.

When i now run these scripts on the CSS11500 i get the message:

AUG 8 13:58:30 1/1 6039 NETMAN-4: httpRpmPut: Not a well-formed XML document

I checked the Xml file with a validator and it is OK. I also used other apps to send it to the CSS but still the same result. The scripts are still working on the 11000's.

It's just a simple file also defined on these Cisco site:

The XML file:

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes" ?>


<action>interface 2/1</action>




Re: Xml not working on CSS11500

I am not sure if this is supported on the CSS 11503 and 11506 . Please check the documentation to verify.

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Re: Xml not working on CSS11500

We use an 11506 and in the advanced Configuration guide of version 7.20 is it mentioned that is should work. On the older type CSS11000 it was working.

It looks like the CSS doesn't understand XML anymore.

And we use very basic scrips like mentioned.

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