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Cisco Spam & Virus Blocker


How do I check what is the number of licensed users on my Spam & Virus Blocker appliance (50/100/250)?



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Re: Cisco Spam & Virus Blocker

wow - I thought some Cisco support dude would check unanswered postings once a while ...

as far as I know does the Blocker no checking of licensed users - hence no accounting.

If your 100-user blocker serves 102 users how would you count anyway? Its hard to define - so it does not seem to be defined very exactly anyway.
You could account for the users when you use LDAP queries ... how many different users are verified before relaying ... but you would need a timeframe in case User 1-10 are deleted on you MDA and new Users 11-20 are added. How is the Blocker supposed to know? You cant count email addresses - what is If 50 Users have 5 - 15 aliases each? So thats why there is no hard definition, and accounting in the Blocker - just as is with MS Exchange ..

[mmh ...  'just as is with .. ' ist that correct or good english? not sure]

Kindest Regards

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Re: Cisco Spam & Virus Blocker

Thanks for the reply.  I am not sure I was clear in my question.   What I meant was that since I have changed from a demo appliance to a new one and I have just copied the config from the demo to the new one, how do I make sure that now the liscence is the correct one with the proper number of licensed users?

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