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Configure Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Notification Filter on a Switch


Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a network management protocol which helps to record, store, and share information about the devices in the network. This helps the administrator address network issues. The notification filters allow certain types of SNMP notifications which are sent to the management station based on the Object Identification (OID) of the notification. To learn more about Cisco Small Business Switches Model Object Identifiers (OIDs), click here.

This document aims to show you how to configure an SNMP notification filter on a switch.

Applicable Devices

  • Sx250 Series
  • Sx300 Series
  • Sx350 Series
  • SG350X Series
  • Sx500 Series
  • Sx550X Series

Software Version

  • — Sx300, Sx500
  • — Sx250, Sx350, SG350X, Sx550X

Configure SNMP Notification Filter on a Switch

Step 1. Log in to the web-based utility of the switch.

Step 2. Change the Display Mode to Advanced.

Note: This option is not available on the SG300 Series and SG500 Series Switch. If you have those models, skip to Step 3.

Step 3. Choose SNMP > Notification Filter.

Step 4. Click Add to create a new SNMP notification filter.

Step 5. Enter a unique filter name in the Filter Name field. The filter name can be between 0 to 30 characters in length.

Note: In this example, the filter name is SNMP_Notification_Filter.

Step 6. In the Object ID Subtree field, click the desired radio button that define a method to select a node in the Management Information Base (MIB) tree to be included or excluded in the new SNMP filter. The options are:

  • Select from List — This option allows you to choose the node in the MIB tree from the list.
  • Object ID — This option allows you to enter the object identifier in the Object ID field.

Note: In this example, system is chosen.

Step 7. (Optional) Click the Up and Down arrows to scroll between the parent and siblings of the selected node.

Step 8. Check the Include in filter check box to include the chosen MIBs in the filter.

Step 9. Click Apply to save the changes.

Step 10. (Optional) Click Save to save the settings to the startup configuration file.

You should now have successfully added an SNMP notification filter on your switch.