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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Programmable Softkey (PSK) Configuration on the Cisco IP Phone 7800 and 8800 Multiplatform Series


This document aims to answer questions, define terms, words, and features found in the Cisco IP Phone 7800 and the 8800 Multiplatform Series.

Applicable Devices

  • Cisco IP Phone 7800 Multiplatform Series – CP-7811-3PCC, CP-7821-3PCC, CP-7841-3PCC, CP-7861-3PCC
  • Cisco IP Phone 8800 Multiplatform Series - CP-8811-3PCC, CP-8841-3PCC, CP-8851-3PCC, CP-8861-3PCC

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is PSK?

A Programmable Softkey (PSK) is a feature that allows a user to customize the softkeys displayed on the phone. Softkeys can be added, repositioned, and removed according to the current device state. A speed dial can also be added to supported softkey lists by using the extended function string.

2. How do I enable a softkey?

Set the Programmable Softkey Enable parameter to Yes. Then, each softkey list will show the keys in its respective input field. You can only edit or modify these key list fields if this parameter is enabled. If the parameter is set to No, the fields will only show their default keys and you cannot make any changes.

3. How do I modify or configure the PSK?

Softkeys can be configured with a keyword and position. Each key list field follows this format: <keyword>|<position>. To create a string of keys, a semi-colon (;) must separate them.

4. Is it necessary to include a position when I am programming softkeys?

No. It is possible to configure a softkey without a position. You can have a string of keys such as dnd|1;showdetail;resume|3. The keyword dnd means Do not Disturb and this will be assigned to the first key. The show detail will be assigned to the second key since it is a key without a current assignment or position.

5. How many positions and softkeys can I configure in a key list?

You can configure up to 15 positions or softkeys per key list.

6. I have configured a keyword with a specific position, how come it did not show up on the menu?

The following are possible reasons:

  • Multiple softkeys have been assigned to a single position. If this is the case, the last softkey on the line to request that same position will take the spot.
  • An invalid keyword or position is entered in a key list configuration. That key list will not be updated.
  • If a single key is misconfigured, the key list will not take effect or update.
7. Do all keywords apply on different key lists?

No. If a user tries to configure a softkey on a list where it is not allowed, a key list will not be updated.

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