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Reputation Filtering and No Domain Information

We installed the spam blocker and setup our dns records. When I look at the monitor we have a great number of "No Domain Information" threats and messages stopped by reputation filtering. The problem is virtually no email is getting to our users. This is a setup right out of the box. I have looked at docs and gone to the section to implement reputation filtering but not sure of this.
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Re: Reputation Filtering and No Domain Information

Hi it sounds like there is a dns problem with the appliance.

The CSVB needs dns to retrieve the reputation score of the appliance. Senderbase works by querying repuation servers to get the reputation of the incoming host attempting to send mail to your CSVB. If it cannot connect then you will see lots of 'no score' on repuation or 'no domain information'.

To try and diagnose this i'd suggest:

1. Login to the appliance and use the cli or gui to run a trace to see what happens when you try & get a reputation for the host

This should have a bad reputation - if you don't get one then the senderbase query is failing to get the score. DNS ports should be open for both directions to your DNS server or root DNS server.

2. Review the dns settings on your appliance - i'd suggest you use root dns to troubleshoot and update your firewall to use the root dns servers.



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