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Cisco Experts Bureau's Special Program Contribution Information

As part of the Cisco Experts Bureau, we invite you to participate in the Community's Special Contribution Programs.




These programs are a unique opportunity to spotlight your expertise that is specifically promoted throughout some of Cisco's communications and media.


Undoubtedly, many of you have already participated or seen some of these programs throughout the site. Now, we welcome you to become contributors/authors as you wish.


The Knowledge Sharing Programs are a proven success on the Support Community. These include Expert Videos, Webinars, "Ask The Expert" Q&As, and Blogs. These programs are not available to the general community users to produce. Since we've been running these, we've only had Cisco Top Subject Matter Experts and Engineers to participate to gauge the community users response. These programs have become the leading request for more content and contribution.




With this success, we are confident that these programs will give you:

  • greater exposure and increase your reputation,
  • expand your knowledge, gain insight and
  • more visibility for your business and career needs.


As a Subject Matter Expert / high contributor, we want these programs to also benefit you.

Knowledge Sharing Programs:


Ask the Expert Events

“Ask the Expert” events are an opportunity for experts to engage with fellow CSC members on a particular technical topic. The events typically run for a two week duration. Depending on the topic, we generally receive 10-20 questions or more. In order for us to promote your event we need a short bio, photo, and a description of your topic.



Calendared Live telecasted presentation events with a live audience that last for one hour - you present for 20 minutes and then you answer questions submitted by the audience. Once again you can cover a topic of your expertise.


Expert Videos

Cover any topic recorded as a Video and it can last for as long as you like. It can be just sharing some technical information, such as installation, troubleshooting, implementation information, quick tips on a technical topic and have the duration of 10 minutes or less.



Once again, you can cover any technical topic within your area of expertise, when you want and how often you would like.


You can use the Blog as a means of asking a question you may have, as long as you provide comprehensive background and your ideology/processes around your question. Blogs can also be your opinion writeup on articles/events of interest that you wish to share. Case studies, with confidential information removed, also make for great blog posts. You can blog about other blogs, videos, documents, articles that you found interesting and why (commentary) or use the blogs to promote other content that you have produced.


Blogs should have a personal view point, and be more of a top-level topic - article/editorial style.You can write it on the community site, but if for any reason you don’t want your name to show we can also post it under a Cisco Blog alias. The CSC community managers have additional resources and helpful hints to help you develop successful blogging techniques. For specific information on becoming a Support Community blogger and how the program works, email


Facebook Forum

Facebook forum is an hour long live interactive session on our Facebook page where you get to interact with a Cisco expert on a particular topic.

To join us, visit us on our Facebook Page and ‘Like’ us. In return we promise to provide you useful tips and helpful information. Visit us at