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An incoming call from VoIP. The SPA122 generate Dial Tone after the far end hung up rather busy tone.

Hi All!


I have a problem with the SPA122 telephony adapter, uncorrectly process the subscriber signaling at the end of the call.

1) Outbound call from FXS port SPA122 . When a remote caller hangs up first , the subscriber SPA122 Reorder Tone played with a delay specified in the Reorder Delay. This circuit is working properly.

2 ) Incoming call from VoIP to the SPA122. When a remote caller hangs up first , subscriber on the FXS port of the SPA122 hears silence ~ 3-4 seconds , then SPA122 plays Dial Tone, as if he had just picked up the phone and he 's going to call . No signal lights out (Busy Tone or Reorder Tone) will not play .

Config is attached.


Model: SPA122, LAN, 2 FXS

Hardware Version: 1.0.0 Boot Version: 1.0.1 (Oct 6 2011 - 20:04:00)

Firmware Version: 1.3.2-XU (014) Jul 2 2013

Recovery Firmware: 1.0.2 (001)

WAN MAC Address: 6C:20:56:55:3A:B6

Host Name: SPA122

Domain Name: (none)

Serial Number: CCQ16450LG3


However, other VoIP terminals registered to Huawei, including older versions of the Linksys SPA2102 work in these scenarios correctly.


Where to kick it?

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Re: An incoming call from VoIP. The SPA122 generate Dial Tone af

[2] is misconfiguration on your's side. You have CPC turned on, but no CPC capable device. Set CPC Duration to zero to turn off CPC.

By the way, wrong forum for your question. You should consider to move it to space.

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