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Automatic Date+Time configuration for FXS ports


I have several SPA8000 & SPA112 ATA's, and I know it's possible to make analog phones set their system date+time via SIP INFO header or so, but have no idea how to do it or which configuration do I need.

Does anyone done this ever/have this configured/working?

Thanks in advanced,

Jorge Bastos,

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I have the same symptoms

* Information
- The SPA112 is running with last stable firmware and gets the time via NTP, and sync it each 1h

* Problem
- My analog phone can get the date / time on after any incoming call on an analog line, but once behind the SPA112, it does not get the time from the SPA112 on incoming call wheres SPA112 is sync with NTP

* Actions1) I have search in for a way to set this up but cannot find the info

* Questions
1) Is it possible to setup the SPA112 to send the date/time to the analog phone on each incoming call like an old analog line is doing ?

Thanks and Best Regards

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The original question has

The original question has been nonsense. Analog phone is connected by analog line.  There's no SIP, thus no SIP INFO possible.

Analog line have just very simple protocol. It can transfer nothing like caller id or time.

Later, various extensions to the protocol that can transfer some data (including time and caller id) has been developed. But there's no single standard. Data in question can be transferred using Bell 202 FSK or ETSI (V.23) FSK or DTMF modulation. Message itself can be either SDMF or MDMF format. Transmission may start after line polarity reversal before first ring or between first and second ring This list may noe be exhaustive.

Of course, protocol used by SPA112 must be supported by particular phone.

 Is it possible to setup the SPA112 to send the date/time to the analog phone on each incoming call like an old analog line is doing ?

This question can't be answered as is. Describe the protocol supported by your particular analog phone. We can decide the SPA112 can be configured to send data in supported format then.

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Good morning

Good morning

Thank you very much for pinpointing this, so I know where to search

* Actions
1) I am located in Switzerland, so I switched to Caller_ID_Method = "ETSI FSK"  + Caller_ID_FSK_Standard = "v.23"

* Status
- Now my analog phone behind the SPA get date/time during call setup !

Thank you very much Dan Lukes
=> I think it solves this ticket

Best Regards

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Glad to hear you solved it.

Glad to hear you solved it.

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