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Can I rescue my PAP2T-NA?


I have got a Linksys PAP2T-NA second hand. (V1) But it seems a DOA.

When I power it up, the Power-Led lights up amber for a short moment. Then, it is full-lit red, while also Phone 1 and Phone 2 are lighting up blue. The ethernet led doesn't flash at all. After that, all lights go off.

I have allready done 2 hardware resets with it, but doesn't change anything.

I tried to connect my Ethernet cable to the device, but my NIC's lights don't even light up. So I can conclude that the ethernetport is pretty dead. Also, it does't accept an DHCP-Offer from my router, nor request one.

Trying to get in the IVR menu (****) doesn't help neither. I don't get a dail tone, and the charachters aren't even dailed.

Is there a method to wake up this device? If needed, I have a JTAG cable, a soldering iron, and a screwdriver at hand.

Thanks for all the thoughts!

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Can I rescue my PAP2T-NA?

According to explanation of the document "ATA_Installation_Blink_Patterns_OCt09" I think that your case can be described by the last scenario: bad ethernet hardware port, RMA unit.

See the link

Check the warranty and open an RMA.


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Can I rescue my PAP2T-NA?

This thing is allready out of warranty. That is why I ask it here.

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Can I rescue my PAP2T-NA?

Hi NobodyKnows,

It could be that the power supply is of the wrong rating... [try using 2A supply if you have one available]

I've seen similar behavior in my lab when I mix up supplies and use a less than 2A supply [they all look very similar]




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Re: Can I rescue my PAP2T-NA?

Hi Patrick,

Unfortunately, I only have one Linksys adapter lying around here, and that was the one that shipped with it.

I will look for an other power supply, providing 2A and I will let you know. (Although the current psu does provide 2A as well)

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