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Can't disable distinctive ringing on SPA-2102

I have an SPA-2102 ATA (HW Ver 1.3.5(a)) and all incoming calls always have a distinctive ring pattern (e.g. 1/2 second on, 1/2 sec off then 1/4 sec on, 1/4 sec off 2 times (or something similar), then 4 secs off - rather than the standard US ring cadence of 2 seconds on 4 seconds off).

No matter what I do the SPA-2102 just refuses to provide a normal ring pattern.  I have tried disabling every possible setting relating to distinctive ringing, and yet it still always does the strange ring pattern on all incoming calls.  My VOIP provider verified that they are not sending any distinctive ringing commands from their side (and even if they were it should not have any effect because at this point I set all the Ring1-Ring9 distinctive ring patterns to a normal pattern ("60(2/4)")).  I also made sure the unit has the latest firmware (5.2.12).

Key settings are as follows:

Regional Tab:

Distinctive Ring Patterns:

Ringx Cadence:  ALL set to 60(2,4)

Line Tabs:

Supplementary Service Subscription:

Dist Ring Serv: No

User Tabs:

Supplementary Service Settings:

Dist Ring Setting: No

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to further debug this, or of something I can do to make it ring with a normal (2s on/4s off) ring cadence?



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Can't disable distinctive ringing on SPA-2102

Do you have tried a factory reset?

Do you have tried to change the power supply?


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