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Can the SPA112 phone adapter be used for an entry door station?

I have a client with a large IP phone system and a number of analog door intercom modules that need to be integrated with it. Long story short, they need the analog door stations to be on the IP system so that when the doorbell rings the phones they can see which one was pressed.


Currently we're using a Channel Vision controller that the incoming analog phone line passes through, the Channel Vision will ring the line into the IP gateway just like any other exterior call. The IP system, on the other hand, needs an extension to be dialed for a "page all" to be sent.

So my questions are: Can the SPA112 get the analog intercom on the IP system? If so, can the SPA112 be configured to dial the proper extension when there's a "ring" on the analog side?

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Hi DavidSpa112 has 2 FXS port

Hi David

Spa112 has 2 FXS port so your system should be able to simply go off hook on the line and with an appropriate dialplan configuration on SPA it could be work.

Here you can find a configuration sample of SPA 112.







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