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Cannot connect to SPA122 in Bridge Mode

I want to use the SPA122 with my VoIP provider (VOIPo) and I want to use it as the first device on the modem. I therefore have set the SPA122 to Bridge Mode.

However, after doing this I cannot login anymore into the device at its defaul address - neither when it is connected (via the Ethernet port) directly to my computer, nor when I have it connected to the modem (via the Internet port) and then (via the Ethernet port) to my router.

How can I get into the SPA122 configuration utility in Bridge Mode - a) when the device is connected directly to my computer, and b) when the device is connected to the modem and the router?

Thanks - desertman1

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Cannot connect to SPA122 in Bridge Mode

If you are using the SPA122 as the first device behind your modem, then it is not typical to put the SPA122 into Bridge Mode.  Bridge Mode would typically be used when behind another NAT-Router.  You may find this article helpful:

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Re: Cannot connect to SPA122 in Bridge Mode

Thanks for your reply. That is interesting. I will try that.

It still leaves me with the question how I can have access to the VoIP part of the SPA122 while it is in bridge mode. Or is this definitely not possible in bridge mode? Or could it be that - while in bridge mode - access the the VoIP part of the device works only through a connected telephone?

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Re: Cannot connect to SPA122 in Bridge Mode

As far as I know, bridge mode has no real impact on the functionality of the VoIP portion of SPA122.  Turning on bridge mode only removes NAT, DHCP, and QOS functionality from the SPA122.  In which case, it is now, for all practical purposes functinaing as a SPA112 instead of a SPA122. 

When in bridge mode, you will log into ATA based on the DHCP IP address assigned to it by the router that it is behind.  The address needs to be a LAN IP address, not a WAN address like the modem tries to assign.



To more directly answer your two original questions:


When in Bridge Mode, you can no longer configure the SPA122 as a stand-alone device via direct connection.

Just as the SPA112 is not designed to connect direct to the modem, neither is the SPA122.... when in Bridge Mode.

In Bridge Mode, it must be connected directly to your NAT-Router to be administered.  In this case, you PC will be connected to one port of the Router and the SPA122 (in bridge mode) will be connected to another port on the same router.  (Both the PC and ATA must be within the same sub-net address range to talk to each other.)


When in Bridge Mode, you can no longer login using the default administration IP address of

In Bridge Mode, the SPA122 functions exactly as if it were a SPA112.  In which case, it must now be located behind a NAT-Router, and you will login based on the IP address assigned to it by your NAT-Router's DHCP service.

Is there a specific reason why you want to connect the SPA122 direct to the Modem while in Bridge Mode?

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Re: Cannot connect to SPA122 in Bridge Mode

When you switch from NAT to Bridge, the SPA 122 gets another IP from another router of your network. To find it, call ****110#. You know now which IP you have to connect to get access to the web page of the SPA 122 again.

If you want to have a fixed IP, you have to follow the procedure above and then go to Network setup, internet settings. Give a fixed IP address on this WAN section but an address from your own LAN-network. In bridge configuration, all becomes LAN and what WAN was, is now to be considered as LAN.

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