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CiscoSPA122 Conference Bridge URL

Could anyone advise how to use "Conference Bridge URL" on the CiscoSPA122? What is the step to initiate the 3-way conference? Is there any additional configuration required besides filling in the "Conference Bridge URL"...Thanks in advance!

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Such URL is used to notify

Such URL is used to notify SPA112 that there is external conference bridge equipment. Do you have such kind of bridge ?


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Hi Dan Luke,     Thanks for

Hi Dan Luke,


    Thanks for your reply...Yes we have a working bridge and URL. But I seem cannot make the SPA122 to initiate the conference by pressing FLASH key on my handset, after establishing two calls...


Appreciate your help!

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Well, I have no personal

Well, I have no personal experience with such kind of equipment, so just few generic hints.

  • Make sure the feature is enabled (Three Way Conf Serv feature).
  • I'm not sure if flash is the correct method of invocation of the feature as there is Conference Act Code option in VSA codes section.
  • Turn on syslog&debug messages and catch them (I mean syslog&debug messages of Voice module, not the system settings in Administration tab - it's other syslog). It may help you to analyze the issue.
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