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Daylight savings issues NSW time CISCO SPA504G

I need help with the correct day light savings settings for NSW Australia in the CISCO SPA504G handsets.

The current settings are as follows during normal times:


Time Zone: GMT = 10:00

Ignore DHCP time offset: YES


The problem I have is with the daylight savings time rule. Clocks move forward one hour from Start time first sunday in October at 2am and the end time first Sunday April  


Is this the correct programming code:

Daylight Saving Time Rule: 10/1/7/3;end=4/1/7/2;save=-1

Daylight Saving Enabled: YES


I have been working with this for a while and seem to end up with the wrong times.

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Hello,What version of


What version of firmware are you running? version 7.5.1 and higher cannot have a negative value in the "save=" section.


Have you tried:


Daylight Saving Time Rule: start=10/1/7/03:0:0;end=4/1/7/02:0:0;save=1

Hope this works for you.

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Yes using version 7.5.2I have

Yes using version 7.5.2

I have placed this rule in and will see overnight. So far after restart it seems fine.

The last rules I used were working fine then when I checked them the next day they were one hour behind.


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