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Dial Plan for Multiple Area Codes of a Metropolitan Area?


How would I alter this dial plan to allow calling area codes 602 and 623 (from area code 480) without dialing 1 like a normal long distance call?


Is it even possible? The dial plan here allows dialing seven digit numbers directly within area code 480 only.

BTW, Phoenix, Arizona is one of the few large metropolitan areas in the USA where a call can be placed across multiple area codes of the city with just ten digits. More information can be found here:

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Re: Dial Plan for Multiple Area Codes of a Metropolitan Area?


The dial plan you posted will add 1480 to any dialed 7-digit number that starts with 2 thru 9.  If a number starts with 1 it does not.  You are going to have trouble if you ever want to dial an international number which generally start with 011xx.

You could add elements to add 1 to a 10-digit number that started with 602 or 623, for example ....

|<:1>602xxxxxxx| and |<:1>623xxxxxxx|

You generally don't need to add the if you have the voip line configuration setup with as the Proxy.

You would have to get rid of the S0 after the 7-digit number to allow the 10-digit number starting with 602 or 623.  This is because any 7-digit number that happened to start with 602 or 623 would get a 1480 added and dialed before your fingers could dial the additional digits.  Removing the S0 would allow the interdigit short timer (3-seconds) to wait for any additional digits.

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