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has anyone ever configured SPA232D Kit for use in the UK

The SPA232D Kit comprises an SPA232D Base Station and SPA302 Handset.

I cannot get the base to work at all. Have spent DAYS trying

Nor will the handset register to it in any case.


British Telecom have been superb even though their top VOIP technical do not officially support any Cisco products.

But they cannot understand the failures....


Help needed. Cisco Support might as well not exist. Never contact you as agreed. Tech levels  below ground. Seriously not knowing their product. 0/10


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has anyone ever configured SPA232D Kit for use in the UK

May be someone will send you working configuration that fit BT/UK requirements.

If not, then just generic advices - don't mix the independent problem. Configuration of outgoing side of SPA232D (problem 1) is almost independent from configuration of wireless SPA232D<->SPA302D link (problem 2).

Configuration part 1 is almost same as for SPA122, so you can search for BT/UK/SPA122 configuration hints.

Configuration part 2 (wireless link) is not country specific.

Unfortunatelly, you didn't described details of problems you have, so it's not possible to give you more specific advice. Just hint - I hit no problem registering SPA302D to SPA232D with default configuration of both of them. Read here: . So you should not have problems too. Assuming you are using latest firmware in both SPA232D and SPA302D.

Note - because of bug in SPA232D firmware it may be necesarry to upgrade it to latest firmware twice. Don't forged to upgrade SPA302 as well, never forget to verify that upgrade of both devices has been sucessfull.

But if I can express my personal opinion, SPA232D/SPA302 is not ready for production yet. You should consider other solutions like SPA122+any DECT phone.

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Hi Did you sort this out?My

Hi Did you sort this out?

My experience is that BT Voip package actually has some proprietary elements in it and will only work with their own phone, IMHO it is a pants offering and in the end I got out of the BT contract and got all our money back as they had so badly missold the service.  I went to a third party VOIP supplier (Voipfone) and our cisco spa 303s started working immediately.

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Neither neil000015 nor you

Neither supplied technical details related to the issue. Despite you claimed "experience" with BT protocol details. So don't wish for valuable reply so much ...

As you leaved BT already and you are satisfied with other supplier I assume you are no longer interested to solve ...


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