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All the lights on my VoIP blinking and I can connect to the internet (by connect PC Ethernet cable to DSL mogem) but my phone instrument dosent have a dail tone.

Please Help.

Thank you.


Re: Help

Hi Larry,

I'm  guessing that English is not your first language.

There really is not enough information in your posting to figure if you own a Cisco ATA/ISR/UC500/CMBE or Communications Manager cluster.

If your product is a SPA2XXX or SPA3XXXX , use this site to give us some more information regarding your issue.

Useful information would be;

Product model

Software version

problem description

What you might be trying to achieve.

But if the product is a Cisco Small Business product and is still under phone warranty call the SBSC via the following URL;

regards Dave

Community Member

Re: Help

Product model  :      Linksys VoIP SPA2102

Software version:     3.2.7(b)

Problem description:     All the lights at the front panel are flashing  (red(power), green(phone 1 and phone 2). Phone does not work.

What you might be trying to achieve:    To know what is going on with this adapter?  How to make it work?

Any idea


Re: Help

Hi larry

If this product came pre-installed from your Internet telephone Service provider, then call them for assistance.

If you purchased a SPA2102 from a Cisco Distributor or VAR they also might be able to help you.

To answer your question, products just out of Distribution may have old code on it.  Yours does have old code.

SPA2102 now supports Firmware version 5.2.10.  Use the most current software on the SPA2102.

Grab Admin guides and firmware which can be obtained via the following URL;

The Administrator guide and the IVR section will tell you what IP address you get from your router.

This SPA2102 is not really a router,  I would personally prefer only to have the WAN port on the SPA2102. Set the SPA2102 up on your LAN according to  diagram on page 22 of theAdministrators guide.    You can access the management GUI interface of  the SPA2102 via the WAN ethernet  port.  This port is usually connected  just like any other IP host on your Local Area network (LAN).

Determine the WAN IP address of the ATA device :

a. Connect an analog telephone to the Phone 1 or Phone 2 port on the ATA device. (You may not hear a dial tone. Continue to step b.)

b. Press **** on the keypad to access the IVR menu.

c. Press 110# to determine the Internet (WAN) IP address.

Use this information you hear to get to the management GUI of the SPA2102  via  a Internet Explorer web page.  http:// < IP address you hear>

I have found that the GUI is extensive,  which makes the product very very flexible.  But only put in the minimum information you need to get a SIP trunk working to your Internet Telephone Service provider (ITSP).  You don't have to modify every GUI option you see. Best practice is less customization the better.

Use the Administrators guide to understand where to put the SIP trunk details from your ITSP. These options will normally be copied to the appropriate 'Line 1" or/and  "line 2"  Tabs.

regards Dave

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