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High time SPA 3102 supports TLS and SDP

There have been absolutely no firmware updates in years for SPA 3102

Its a pity that SPA 3102 doesn't support TLS + SRTP with SDP (which is the default

and widely used key exchange mechanism as supposed to some proprietary method

or MIKEY that no one supports).

Grandstream has greatly overtaken with TLS +SRTP in their HT.503 that also sells much cheaper.

I have about 20 boxes of 3102 and can't throw them. I need to buy about 12 more and wish to

have uniformity. Main problem I see with 3102 is TLS and use of SDP for SRTP key exchange.

Otherwise is a great product.

Please have your engineering team make this a high priority and try to provide firmware update

for all the 3102 hw versions.




High time SPA 3102 supports TLS and SDP

Hi Anz - Are you sure the 3102 doesn't support tls - I know the datasheets refer to the pre-standards method only, however  Ihave however TLS/SRTP running on 2102 and the spa phones - might be worth a quick look.

check out step three -


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High time SPA 3102 supports TLS and SDP

You are right, it supports TLS.

But for SRTP it does a key exchange that no server in the world supports. They are really bad

in not supporting SDES yet.

I wonder if anyone in cisco is even reading anything here. They are 6 or more years behind

on this ATA with respect to this feature at least.


High time SPA 3102 supports TLS and SDP

double check step 3 here:
I think you can enable SDES by changing the SRTP method to s-descriptor


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High time SPA 3102 supports TLS and SDP


Currently  SPA3102 only supports a Linksys proprietary method to secure voice  traffic between ATA endpoints and does not have the support for SRTP.   However, The SRTP feature has been implemented in our new SPA112 and  SPA122 ATAs. Also, SRTP will be supported in our upcoming ATA  that has  both an FXS and FXO port (like the SPA3102).

Hope this helps.



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High time SPA 3102 supports TLS and SDP

> does not have the support for SRTP. 

This is contrary to what a lot of information out there says. Are you sure ?!

I would like to be able to use a gateway that can talk to a 3102 using SRTP and mini-certificate without using anothe 3102. There was a mention of this by your representative himself.

I am not really interested in your upcoming ATA that is similar to SPA 3102.

Are you going to replace all my SPA 3102 for free ?!!

Why can't you just do a firwmare upgrade for SPA 3102.

Please provide accurate and proper answers, that would be appreciated.

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