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How to integrate Cisco SPA8800, SPA112, Panasonic KX-TA308 ???


I've just configure some devices for transfer extension number from PABX KX-TA308 to my Office in brach location. I'm using Cisco SPA8800, SPA112, and Panasonic KX-TA308. The following is my topology :

Panasonic KX-TA308 (in main office) >>> Cisco SPA8800 (in main office) >>> Cisco SPA112 (in branch location)

And when i make calls from SPA112 to number extension in main office it can't. But, when i make calls from main office (with analog phone that direct connect to PABX extension port) to branch location with press 108 extension number it's getting well and i can talk without touble.

Panasonic KX-TA308

- 3 CO ports

- 16 extension ports

- port 8 extension was assigned for Line 1 Cisco SPA8800, so SPA8800 is 108 extension number

Cisco SPA8800

- IP Address :

- Line 1 direct connect to port 8 PABX

Cisco SPA112

- IP Address :

- Phone 1 direct connect to analog phone

So, i have trouble for Outgoing Call in branch side. Please help me...

Thank you...

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