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How to make MagicJack Plus to work with SPA232D/SPA302D


We have a small IP PBX system and we do have 1 SPA232D/SPA302D, some SPA303s and a MagicJack Plus.

We would like to configure MagicJack Plus to work with SPA232D/SPA302D, in such a way that we can also answer calls to our MagicJack plus (PSTN) number on SPA302D (wireless handset) aside from the calls coming in to our IP PBX system. we have tried connecting the output (going to analog telephone device) of MagicJack plus to the "Line Port" of SPA2232D and an analog telephone to the "Phone Port" of SPA232D.

When i went to the GUI of SPA232D(logged in as admin) Voice>Information>PSTN, it seems SPA232D has detected the MagicJack plus and would see 48 volts from the PSTN line. However, when we tried calling the MagicJack plus number, SPA302D would ring 2x then would show "missed call" but the phone that is used to call the MagicJack number was still ringing. When calls to MagicJack number was answered thru SPA302D, a "dial tone" will be heared from SPA302D but on the phone that is used ti call MagicJack was still ringing.

Has anyone encountered this issue? and how can this be resolved?

Has anyone tried configuring a PSTN Line to SPA232D and answer PSTN calls thru SPA302D without any issues? and did you do it?

Any help regarding this matter is very much appreciated.


Thanks in advance...

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I wish a someone will give a

I wish a someone will give a better advice to you.


In the meantime - I never tried 'line' port of SPA232D. Despite of it, I have idea what to do now. Turn on syslog&debug on SPA232D and catch them. Be sure you are catching debug output. It will help you (/us) to analyze the issue.



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Hi Dan,Sorry fort the very

Hi Dan,

Sorry fort the very late reply, i was out of the office for tha past few days.

I will do those things as per your advice once i got hold of the SPA232D/SPA302D, coz it's on a different location than mine.


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