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Linksys SPA8000 ATA Gateway

Not sure if this is the right forum so please forgive me, but it does pertain to VoIP, I promise.

So, I initially purchased the SPA3102 and loved it so much because it allowed me to connect a POTS line to it and have incoming faxes flow through the 3102 through a SIP trunk to trhe trixbox and ultimatly to the fax extension.

I bought the SPA8000 because it had more ports and would allow for more fax lines.

Here's my layout:

PSTN - - - - - L1 of SPA8000 - - - (SIP Trunk) - - - - - Trixbox - - - - - - Polycom IP Phone

I'm using the Polycom instead of the fax for now just to test incoming calls, to make sure the phone rings when I test inbound calls.

What threw me off when I initially logged in to the SPA8000 was how different the interface looked, at least as far as the PSTN lines are configured compared to the 3102.

So I configure everything to the best of my knowledge on the SPA8000 and the Trixbox.

When I call in on the line, I get a busy signal.

When I unplug the line from the SPA8000 and hook the PSTN line to an analog telephone, the phone rings just perfect.

The Registration State always reads "Failed"

Hook State seems to always be on but this is intermittent.

I have gotten a call to come through a few times but it's so weird when it does because it's so sporadic.

For instance, I'll call in, and it's busy. I'll disconnect the PSTN line from the SPA8000, reboot it, reconnect the PSTN line, and the phone will ring once or twice and disconnect.

Anyways, if you need more info, please just ask, I've tried explaining this as throughly as possible.

Like I said, I loved the SPA3102. Would love to get this 8000 working.


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