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LinkSys WRP400 "DHCP Reservation" broken in 2.00.20

LinkSys WRP400 "DHCP Reservation" broken after upgrade to 2.00.20.
DHCP honors MAC-IP mappings which were set under the old 1.00.04.c
firmware but they cannot be seen nor changed under the new 2.00.20
version.  The "DHCP Reservation" popup incorrectly shows no active
clients nor reservations and likewise ignores all changes.

Bug confirmed on Windows Explorer, MacOS Safari and MacOS Firefox.

Should I downgrade the firmware?  Funny, I see instructions for a
two-step downgrade to back-convert the config files to the older
version, as if many customers are downgrading [rolls eyes]


PS: truncated "DHCP Reservatio" button suggests scanty testing of this
summer's "Aug 16 2010" firmware 2.00.20 release.  Scanty bikinis rock
but pixels keep shrinking as screens and fonts keep growing!
Not that I'm suggesting testers bailed for the beach.

PPS: Most mornings find WRP400 unresponsive with all lights stuck on
solid green although existing TCP connections still work.  We'd miss
any emergency late night or early am VoIP calls.  Only power cycling
revives the web interface.  Firmware upgrade did not fix this.

PPPS: I was sent here after asking this question at

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