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Linksys WRP400: Voice line registered but number not working (not in service) (no SIP response)

Good morning everybody,

i'm experiencing a weird and frustrating problems with some Linksys WRP400 and i hope you can give me any advices.

Long story short: the Voice line on the WRP400 keeps stop working, even if it's registered on my SIP PBX. Only a reboot of the router or a shutdown no-shutdown of the line temporarily fix the issue.

Let's add some details: i've got a lot of WRP400 installed and running and not all of them have this problem. They all have the same configuration.

I've tried to workaround the issue, reducing Register Expires from 3600 to 1200, setting on Make Call Without Reg and Ans Call Without Reg, setting on Restrict Source IP and enabling a daily reboot at 05 AM. It doesn't seem to help.

When the problem occurs, if i call the voice line number i get an error "The number you have dialed is not in service" or similar. Sometimes my customers says they can make an outgoing call, while the problem is still on, but more often the line is totally mute even on the outgoing way.

On my SIP PBX i can see the number is regularly registered, with the right timing.

If i make a Wireshark sniffing on my SIP PBX, i can see some regular "Request: INVITE sip:059907377@;transport=udp, with session description" from the PBX to the router, but the router never answers.

If i reboot, the voice line re-register itself and start working again.

I attach a screenshot and the Wireshark sniffing.

I'm using the latest 2.00.32 firmware.

Have you got any advice? It's becoming an annoying problem and i'm groping in the dark.

Best regards,


P.S: Should i've been asking to Belkin or is this still the right place? 

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Linksys WRP400: Voice line registered but number not working (no

Duplicate post.

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Linksys WRP400: Voice line registered but number not working (no

You're right, i'm sorry, the other one is there:

Is there a way i can ask the moderators to delete this one an keep only the other one?

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