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n00b: dial plans and tones for Ireland (SPA112)

Completely new to the wonderful world of SIP ATA, though I've used Vonage and MagicJack for over a decade so hardly new to VoIP.

My ultimate objective is to get Line 1 to be an Irish number, and Line 2 to be a US number.  I currently have an Irish SIP provider (Blueface), have my adapter logged in, and can make / recieve calls.

I have noticed, however, that there is a significant lag (approx 5 seconds) between the last digit I dial and the phone on the other end starts ringing.  My suspicion is that the dial plan for this line is "wrong" for Ireland.

So, my question is "where might I find a dial plan string for Ireland?" My google-fu has not led me to a straightforward answer on this.  Failing somebody having figured it out already, my alternate question would be "how do I need to 'think' in order to create a dial plan string for Ireland?"

Related to this, I get a US-style dial tone rather than an Irish style dial tone.  I suspect this is some sort of Regional setting, though ideally I'd like to be able to set this per line.  There are probably a set of other "this isn't configured for Ireland" things of which I'm not even aware.

I have imagined there is a magical "here's how you configure Cisco SIP devices for Ireland" section of a document somewhere or other; whether or not that document is in the public domain is an entirely different question...

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n00b: dial plans and tones for Ireland (SPA112)

For tones, you can look at

which will help you edit the regional tab for the tones.

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