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No Caller ID inbound on a PAP2T

My problem seems to be with a Linksys PAP2T. The issue has been happening since I received the PAP2T a year ago.

Normally, I see 2 lines of the same caller ID number on inbound calls.  However when I receive some cell calls and some IP calls, sometimes I do get a first line of text.

I have had AT&T POTS direct into my ID readers (phones & devices) ) and had no issues.  Now I have Nextiva VoIP service and that (above) is my result.  They see no problems with my PAP2T settings and neither do I, to my knowledge.

When I still had both a POTS and Nextiva, the calls forwarded from my POTS into my Nextiva VoIP line did not show text either.  However, the Nextiva portal shows my inbound name and number info correctly.  Using a fixed IP or DHCP didnt change anything.  Firmware Version: 5.1.6(LS)  

Advice please.  Thanks

New Member

Re: No Caller ID inbound on a PAP2T

What is being displayed is dependent on what is being received by the PAP2T, this info can be seen if you run a debug log or run an ethereal trace.  You will see the information that is being passed to the PAP2T.

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