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Non admin default password doesn't work on SPA112

No problem to login as default admin/admin via WWW interface. Unfortunately, default password is not so secure.

So I added following lines to provisioning:



    <Web_Login_Admin_Name ua="na">admin</Web_Login_Admin_Name>

    <Web_Login_Admin_Password ua="na">2password3</Web_Login_Admin_Password>

    <Web_Login_Guest_Name ua="na">guest</Web_Login_Guest_Name>

    <Web_Login_Guest_Password ua="na">guest</Web_Login_Guest_Password>


Despite of it, I can login using default password (both admin and user) but not new name/password.

Also, re-downloaded configuration (either via http://.../admin/config.xml or using SIP NOTIFY) show that default user database has not been changed:




<!-- <Web_Login_Admin_Password></Web_Login_Admin_Password> -->


<!-- <Web_Login_Guest_Password></Web_Login_Guest_Password> -->



Is there a special procedure to change user name/password via provisioning file ?

Debug log show nothing suspicious during parse of provisioning file ...

Somebody with "it works" experience here ?

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Non admin default password doesn't work on SPA112

Can you send me the provisioning file and the debug log that you have for this failure?

I have a spa122 and I can change the admin password via provisioning.

You can email those to me.  nseto at

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Re: Non admin default password doesn't work on SPA112

Sent by classic email. Thank you.

Edited by: Dan Lukes on  21.9.2012 (progress report):

1. I founded bug in my configuration file - container must appear only once in configuration file and must be on it's end. Annoying change against PAP2T/SPA50xG behavior ( file become non-flat and order of directives is important), but such change is documented - see "Nested Structure" paragraph of provisioning guide

2. Despite of it, other bug in configuration of username/password has been found. ID of bug report created by Nelson is CSCuc24784

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Non admin default password doesn't work on SPA112

I'm having the exact same problem.  Also with SPA112.  The fact you and I both had the problem within a couple of days gives me hope that it's caused by the latest firmware, or by something simple that's wrong with the config.

I think the rest of my config is being accepted by the ATA.

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