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Odd issue with SPA302d and Multiple Handsets (Dialing Out)

So I have a bunch of these deployed, and they're starting to make me go insane. Just lots of little problems that never go away.


Heres the scenario;

1 SPA232D Base

3 SPA302D Handsets

2 Registered DECT lines (Same number)


I can never seem to be able to make all 3 handsets work for outgoing calls. I have two that work fine, but the third (and it has changed which phone doesnt work) acts very odd.


It will take an inbound call when you dial the number of that line. The handset rings, I can answer, talk, etc.

When I go to make an outbound call, no matter what number I dial, I get a standard busy signal. Sometimes, you briefly see it flash forbidden on the display. I was running 1.3.4 firmware, so I upgraded to 1.3.5 and also verified all handsets are updated the 2.6.7.


Im running out of ideas on how to fix this and am hoping someone else has had this issue at some point and could lend me a hand in figuring it out.

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Well, the best start point is

Well, the best start point is to turn on syslog&debug messages (highest debug level available) and catch them. They may help you (or us) to analyze the issue.

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Here is a debug of it

Here is a debug of it occuring.


I did it first from the phone not working, and then from one of the working phones.


I simply used 311 as the example (reads back the number you're calling from).

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This log has been catched by

This log has been catched by device itself. Such kind of logs is known to be incomplete. It will not help us so much.

Open the [ Voice - >  System ] tab. Set

  • both Syslog Server Transport and Debug Server Transport to UDP
  • Debug Level to 3+Coma
  • both Syslog Server and Debug Server to IP address of your syslog server

Configure your syslog server to catch all messages. If you have no syslog server, use packet catcher (like tcpdump or wireshark) to catch all log (set Syslog/Debug server to IP of computer running the catcher) - this method will work even on Windows.

This kind of log may help us.

Please add screen shot of [ Quick setup ] page. I would like to see Incoming/Outgoing DECT Line Selection sections.


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