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Overheating on SPA2102?

It happens with two different SPA2102 devices (5.2.10 firmware) that the service stop working (all the led of power data and phone, switch off and switch on). To restart the service we have to switch off the power, wait several minutes, and switch on.

After putting a fan close to the SPA2102 the ATA randomly switch off and restart immediately (the uptime of the devices is 00:00:00)

Is a problem of overheating? The traffic passing trought the ATA (NAT is enabled) is always almost 3Mbit/s in down and 500Kbit/s in upload and the phone is connected using a sip account.

We saw that even with only the phone connected and low traffic the problem remain (leaving the ata on during the night, in the morning we have to restart the ATA).

Why is happening this? is there a solution to solve the problem?


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Re: Overheating on SPA2102?

Nobody can help me?



Overheating on SPA2102?

My suggestion is:
- upgrade the firmware to latest version 5.2.12
- enable syslog on SPA and check the reboot reason
- protect your SPA from SIP attacks

You can download the firmware from cisco site and enable syslog from SPA menu.

These are the common reboot reasons:

C means cold reboot

Wmeans warm reboot, won't redo dhcp

H means hardware reboot, usually caused by power or code reset

0x00000000 Boot due to power on, reported as "reboot reason:H0" in syslog

0x00000001 DHCP fail

0x00000004 parameter changes (through web, provisioning. For example when device's profile rule is changed...)
syslog log will show "reboot reason:W4"

0x00000008 upgrade successfully

0x00000010 reboot requested by IVR or Web

0x00000016 parameter mismatch [example you are changing a parameter that should not be changed such as MWI]

0x00000020 upgrade backoff

0x00000040 reboot requested by SIP

0x00000080 upgrade failed

0x00000100 channel swap detected

0x00000200 Ethernet Link down

0x00000400 SIP Error

0x00000800 Slic Alarm detected

0x00001000 duplicate IP detected

0x00002000 Using last good known IP and reboot after 30 minutes

0x00004000 slic error

0x00008000 slic error

0x00010000 resource exhausted

0x00020000 pppoe failed

0x00040000 WAN and LAN subnet conflict

0x00080000 TDM error

0x00200000 reboot caused by DHCP auto sensing feature

0x00400000 reboot caused by remote customization

0x30300010 phone reboot caused by:

syslog will show "reboot reason:H30300010"

0x633a02d1 out of memory

0x73720168 code corruption [recover by performing a factory reset]

0x7372016c code corruption

0x737202d1 out of memory

0x7372092b IP address change due to DHCP lease expiring

Let me know your results.


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