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PAP2 v2 Forgotten Password and no Dial Tone

Hi guys,


This is my first post.


Here's my problem.


Back in the faaaar 2009, i bought a linksys PAP2 voip adapter. I used it for a few months and then i stopped using it.


Now after 8 years, i gave it to a friend, but we are stuck as i cant remember the password.


To reset it i must plug a phone device in, and call **** and press some other numbers and it will factory reset itself. I know.

I even tried CYT unlocker, but it says i need to be logged in for security reasons.


The problem is, i connected 4 different phone devices so far without success. I get no dial tone, nor any signs that the phone is recognised by the PAP2. So i cant follow the instruction of the IVR and reset it. Can anyone tell me whats wrong with it?


Thanks in advance

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Well, at the first, PAP2 is

Well, at the first, PAP2 is not the same device as PAP2T. You claim the device is PAP2, but you claim also you bough it in 2009 which is not far enough for PAP2. Thus I'm unsure which device you have.

Also, I know no utility named CYT, thus I don't know it's purpose and I'm not familiar with the meaning of messages of such tool.

I get no dial tone

Dial tone is "ready" signal. You will not receive it unless the PAP2(T) is ready to place call to upstream provider. Your device is not configured, thus no dial tone. No documentation mention dial tone presence as part of reset to factory default procedure.

nor any signs that the phone is recognised by the PAP

Sure ? So even device's Line 1 LED will not light when phone become off hook ?

Well, in such case the PAP2(T) seems to be just dead - either Line 1 plug or internal electronics (I assume you verified the power adapter is OK). Unless you are skilled technician you should consider it unrepairable. Consider SPA112 as replacement.

New Member

Yes its the PAP2T. Im not

Yes its the PAP2T. Im not very familiar with these devices as i used them for very little in the past.

Power adapter is OK. PAP2T does power up, it does communicate with my mikrotik router, i can ping it, i can ip/port scan it, i can access it (only to the login page).

Line1 LED is always on (Solid Green), no matter what the phone state is. Even when the phone device is NOT connected to Line1 at all, the LED is solid green. After reboot, the LED goes green almost immediatelly after PAP2T's boot.

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Well, you will not like it,

Well, you will not like it, but the device seems to be dead.

New Member

I guessed so, thus i used it

I guessed so, thus i used it only few times and since then it was unplugged in my office. Is there a known issue with the PAP2Ts and the phone line? Being lit on means the device is dead?

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Being lit on means the device

Being lit on means the device is dead?

No. The LED in question signals state of the line (on/off hook). If it is permanently on, it mean PAP2T can't detect line state properly, thus it can't work with it.

New Member

I see. Is there ANY other way

I see. Is there ANY other way to log into it without having the user/pass and without using the IVR? In case im able to flash it and see if it works. Just for experimental interest, because i already bought a replacement

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I'm not aware of other method

I'm not aware of other method.

But I suspect the firmware reflash will not help. I suspect the broken SLIC chip or other severe hardware damage.