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New Member

PAP2T can't access setup server

I'm a newbie to VOIP and networking, and very frustrated. I'd be grateful for any constructive help.

I purchased a PAP2T brand new from Amazon. Couldn't get it to work. Exchanged it. My 2nd PAP2T has the same problem: I can't connect with the server to do setup.

When I type in the given IP into the browser, it times out. Happens with both Firefox and IE. Happens with AV/Security on or off. With previous PAP2T, I powered off/on, plugged/unplugged various times. Waste of time.

The green Power LED flickers and does not hold steady.

The Ethernet LED flickers constantly.

Phone LED light is not lit at all.

The phone adapter port seems to work, in that I connected by dialing **** and was given the IP addy.

Cisco says: "Step 5:
If you  can't open the web interface, please contact your PAP2 provider  depending where you purchased your PAP2, the person/company that  configures the unit might have put a password on it.  Whether you've  bought it used or purchased it from a service provider, they are the one  that have the password to the unit." Since I purchased from Amazon, I don't see how this is an option. Also, where/how would I enter this pw?

Given that I'm having the identical problem with 2 new PAP2Ts, I suspect that I'm fatally Stuck on Stupid somewhere. Any suggestions?

New Member

Re: PAP2T can't access setup server

In the IVR, after the ****, enter 7932 and then 1 to confirm to make sure that the web server is enabled. Now see if you can reach it via your web browser.

New Member

Re: PAP2T can't access setup server

Thanks for the response.

I did try the IVR, and still couldn't connect.

I phoned Cisco Tech Support (didn't know *anyone* offered phone support these days). According to the the tech, the issue is my 'router'- a Trendnet TE100-S5- which isn't a router, really, but a bridge (switch). As I understand it, the public IP from Comcast's modem won't work to connect with the web setup page- I need a private IP from the router.

So, it looks like I bought the wrong product, Stuck on Stupid Newbie error, and the culprit is not the PAP2T.

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