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New Member

pap2t hidden function

Dear all, 

Our company provide SOS health care to elders.

We developed a box for the communication. One phone provider use Linksys PAP2T VoIP adapter and our box is not work properly with this adapter. Our box send to the server '*' and '#' characters to switch the way of the communication. When our box send '*#', the adapter start a function and we cannot communicate with the user. If it send a '*' again, the communication come back.

I asked the phone provider, but they cannot help.
I search in the manual, but cannot found any solution.

Is there any way to switch off this function on the adapter?


New Member

you are probably looking at

you are probably looking at the dial plan settings or

the regional tab capturing the star " * " codes for a function.

Notice the dial plan has a star and 2 digits (xx) at the beginning.

this will capture those star codes.and allowing them with another number.

You might need to allow the hashtag as a dialed digit. 


dialplans are discussed here, with examples

starting about page 57

You may need to add an entry |#xx|  for example if your device sends a hashtag and 2 digit control codes.


regional codes may also be capturing the star codes.  You can blank out any that are required for your application on the admin->advanced->voip->regional  tab  

Vertical Service Activation Codes

make sure the codes you are using are not in this list, as they are captured for internal use like call forward, callID blocking, conference, etc....


Mark this post if it helps,



VIP Gold

What you mean "the adapter

What you mean "the adapter start a function" ? Are we speaking about dial on not-yet-connected channel ? Or DTMF transfer through channel connected already ?

Sorry, your issue description is not to be so clear to me. I can't decide the issue is caused by adapter, or it is the phone provider issue (it's catching the # and * on it's side).

You should turn on syslog&debug messages on adapter and catch them (together with SIP messages). It may reveal helpful information for the purpose of further analysis of the issue in question.

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