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I haven't found a Cisco device that does what I'm trying to do, but maybe they have one I missed or maybe someone knows of a different place to look for a solution.

I have a lot of interference in the 1.9 GHz range so standard cordless phones do not work more than a few feet from the base station.  But I do not have any issues with 5 GHz WiFi.

So I'd like to find and system, two line would be great, that would allow me to extend my POTS lines to a handset on the 5 GHz WiFi network.  I do NOT want another VoIP system for Internet calls.  (And they're really not POTS, but those of you that know what that means prob. understand what I'm trying to do.) 


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So let me get this straight .

So let me get this straight ... You want a wireless handset that can operate in 5.0 Ghz and will work with SIP.  Fair enough. 


You won't find any wireless handset for SIP in Cisco portfolio.   Look at SpectraLink for 80-, 84- or 87-series wireless handset.  Like any IP telephony, you need a "call server" to manage your phones and your voice line.  A good choice would be Asterisk.  

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Thanks.  I'll take a look.

Thanks.  I'll take a look.

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You won't find any wireless

You won't find any wireless handset for SIP in Cisco portfolio.

Just for completeness ...

... there is no wireless handset in current portfolio. I have WIP310, but it's no longer in production and there is no replacement for it. In advance, it's 2.4GHz wireless only.


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