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Problems with multiple SPA302D handsets registered to single SPA232D

We have a number of SPA232D/SPA302D combinations in our client base. Some sites have a single SPA302D DECT phone registered to a single SPA232D and some multiple SPA302Ds registered to a single SPA232D. Approximately half of the single SPA302D sites have been rock solid. The remainder of the single and all of the multiple SPA302D sites have been experiencing the following co-joint problems:

  • All SPA302Ds intermittently lose registration and do not recover (SPA500 phones on these sites have not lost registration) until power cycled;
  • One or more SPA302Ds have intermittently ceased to ring on an incoming call even though the phone is registered;
  • Voicemail indication is showing even though there is no voicemail;
  • The SPA302D is intermittently displaying “Initializing data” when making a call.



Since upgrading all of the SPA232D to firmware level 1.3.3_15 and all of the SPA302D handsets to firmware level 2.62 all of the single SPA302D sites are now performing without problem. However the problems with the multiple SPA302D registered to a single SPA232D continue as described.



We have gone through the configuration with a fine tooth comb and consulted with our VoIP provider but to no avail. All sites are remote provisioned from our tftp server and have the same configuration.



All of the single SPA302D sites have one number terminating on the handset. All of the multiple SPA302D sites have at least one handset with two or three numbers terminating on a handset.



All of the multiple sites are behind either SRP521W or 800 series routers.



If anyone can shed any light on this problem it would be most appreciated before I run out of hair to pull.

New Member

I have five SPA302Ds on one

I have five SPA302Ds on one SPA232D with multiple lines. Firmware is Version 1.3.5 (004_267) on the SPA232D and automatically up to date on the SPA302Ds. The SPA320Ds keep intermittently loosing registraiton. We have likewise been pulling out our hair!

New Member

We are now able to reliably

We are now able to reliably replicate the problem at will and have opened a case with TAC (after taking out a SMARTNet contract).  No resolution as yet.  Firmware level 1.3.5 does not appear to make any difference to this issue.

Hi StephenDid you ever get

Hi Stephen

Did you ever get this resolved.  I have an SPA 232d and handset and it seems to drop registration randomly, nothing to do with power outages or suchlike, rest of the CISCO SPA303 phones are still ringing their nuts off with incoming calls and the SPA 232d handset just turns up it's nose and won't ring.  It will call out when you want it to, I presume that it registers the outgoing when the call button is pressed, or the outgoing registration never gets lost.

Anyone got any hints.?


Resolved it myself.In case

Resolved it myself.

In case anyone else has the problem of not really reading the quick start guide well enough, 'Line 1' configuration is for a plugged in POTS telephone handset.  If you don't have one plugged in then leave that configuration blank! Now works fine and holds registration as far as I can see.

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Glad to hear.If I understand

Glad to hear.

If I understand correctly, you had 'Line 1' and an other Line configured with the same proxy and login credentials ?

It can explain registration issues well. Many PBX's hold latest registration only for the same account so former registration become lost with the new one.

I wish your proposal "If you don't have one plugged in then leave that configuration blank!" should be rephrased as "Don't use same credentials on more than one line unless you are pretty sure it is supported by PBX". Regardless you have phone plugged into Line 1 or not.


Hi Cisco,I work for a Telco

Hi Cisco,

I work for a Telco in Australia and have to say that these base station/handsets are the worst cordless solution I have come across:

  • 302 Handset Display is often jittery
  • Multiple Handsets on single base station not work (as per this thread)
  • Cisco don't seem to care about fixing them
  • Most recent batch (purchased end last year/start 2015) are unbelievably unreliable - They are lasting about 6 weeks in the field before random bugs break them, regardless of firmware version.

We have discontinued selling these as a result which is a shame because the hardware is very handy. i.e. POTS In/Out, DECT, DHCP etc.

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no zero-touch provisioning of

  • no zero-touch provisioning of handset possible
  • not localized

We are decided not to use them ...

New Member

I', looking for replacement

I', looking for replacement for SPA232D phones. I'm open for any suggestion for Dect/Cordless but not WiFi VoIP solution.

New Member

Concur, a good concept with

Concur, a good concept with some very good features, nice solid handsets.  Just a pity about reliability.  Different firmware levels have no effect on the degree of random errors.  We are replacing the large number we sold with another brand to protect our reputation. It would be nice if Cisco seemed to care about theirs in respect of this range of product.

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Note the EOL/EOS has been

Note the EOL/EOS has been announced for SPA232D.


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