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Registering SPA 302D Handset

The problem I'm having is that I cannot get my SPA 302D handset to register with my SPA 232D ATA.  I put the ATA in registration mode by pressing the Page/Registration button and holding until green light starts to flash.  Then, I follow directions for pairing handset and get to the point where the handset says Presss registration button on the base.  I press Confirm, and the phone shows Registering on the display.  Eventually, the Registering screen goes away on handset and ATA Page/Registration button stops flashing, but the wireless indicator remains flashing on the phone.  Any advice?

I have recently upgraded the ATA to the most recent firmware, v. 1.4.0.  The handset has software version 2.64.  In the 232D Web admin Quick Setup, I have DECT Line 1 setup with account information for my Vonage account.

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After searching online, I

After searching online, I found another post in Cisco forum for somewhat related issue that suggested upgrading ATA firmware twice and reseting everything to factory.  I don't know if it was the double firmware upgrade that did it because I did a factory reset of ATA after upgrading the firmware a second time to v. 1.4.0, but my phone now registers with base.  If you find yourself in having the same issue:

1) Upgrade firmware on ATA 2x

2) Reset ATA and handset to factory default

3) Attempt normal registration

You should see the wireless indicator stop flashing and Page/Reg button on ATA turns solid.  Also, I noticed that the time and date changed on handset.  After letting system sit for a while, the handset upgraded itself.

I hope this helps someone out there!

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