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New Member

SOLVED: PAP2T Line 2 rings in on Line 1...!

Hello Folks

My PAP2T has been my trusty companion for 4 or 5 years now.  I'm wondering if the hardware has hit the end of the road?

I've just moved country and set up another provider on the second line.

Set up:

1) 1 different provider on each of 2 lines (Line 1 & Line 2)

2) 1 provider only on Line 2 (Line 1 disabled)


Line 2 dials out for Line 2

Line 2 doesn't ring for incoming call

Line 1 rings in for Line 2!

Line 1 dials out and rings in for Line 1 when configured with provider

Line 1 does not dial out for Line 2 whether or not configured with a provider

So, what on earth is going on!  I can only figure this must be a hardware breakdown as the 2 lines in the PAP2T can not interact in any way?  I would be overjoyed if someone could suggest an alternative?

I've attached 2 configs in the form of saved source html of PAP2T: 1 with only Line 2 enabled; 1 with Line 1 & Line 2 enabled.  Just  open them in a browser to view.

Any ideas much appreciated.




PAP2T Line 2 rings in on Line 1...!

You have configured the same Sip Port number for both line 1 and line 2.  Make them different numbers. 

This is the port number used for sending sip signalling packets from your sip provider to your PAP2T.  This is not the port used for sending sip signalling packets from you to your voip provider.

New Member

PAP2T Line 2 rings in on Line 1...!

I'll give it a go - which port do you suggest: 5160 for Line 2?

I'm pretty sure I had things set up this way, but it was suggested by Sipgate that Line 2 should be set to 5060.  Which meant both lines used the same port...

Many thanks; I'll report back.



PAP2T Line 2 rings in on Line 1...!

The conventional thing would be to set Line 1 for 5060 and Line 2 for 5061 but either of them can be any number.  The important thing is the numbers need to be different because we are talking about two separate phone lines.

We are talking about the incoming address for packets coming from your sip provider.  SipGate and your other provider don't care what the port number is, they just need to know what it is to address the packets going to you.  Your ata has a local network ip address which then uses port numbers for different functions.

The Sip Port number for packets going to your sip provider is included in the proxy address.  If the number is not specified then the adapter assumes the port number is 5060 and appends that number to the proxy address.

New Member

Re: PAP2T Line 2 rings in on Line 1...!

Thanks 99hwittenb,

I changed the ports as suggested.  But as I suspected the device behaves the same.  Iirc, this is how I had it set up before the Sipgate advice except I had 5060 on line 1 and 5160 on line 2.

I've attached the config for the above fyi - I have 2 lines from the NZ voip provider which I've set up on lines 1 & 2.

I'd be interested in if anybody can suggest some alternative to a hardware fault - or confirm that's the likely culprit?  Any hardware advice - short somewhere?  I guess there's not much other than chips inside?

Many thanks.

PAP2T Line 2 rings in on Line 1...!

The configuration looks OK.  I would try reloading the firmware to see if somehow it is corrupted.

I think the PAP2T firmware is located here:

PAP2T Line 2 rings in on Line 1...!

Try to check the telephone cable that connect phone and PAP.

The cable must have only 1 pair (2 wires, tip and ring). Cables with 2 pairs or 4 wires can be cause of problem like your.


New Member

SOLVED Re: PAP2T Line 2 rings in on Line 1...!

OK folks, thought I'd write a quick solution to what turned out to be quite a complex problem...

Daniele sent me on the right track - thank you to all who responded.

1. UK uses a 3 wire system - 3rd wire is used to ring the bell

2. Most of the rest of the world uses a 2 wire system

3. PAP2T-NA, from what I could deduce from the 'net, takes advantage of a 2 wire system to wire phone port 2 to the unused pair on the RJ11 socket of phone port 1 - so, a phone wired in a compatable way and plugged into phone port 1 is able to take calls on both of the 2 lines of the PAP2T-NA

4. PAP2T-UK, I assume, is wired compatable for UK phone system - so, not as 3 above but, with the bell on the 3rd wire

5. I happen to have brought my PAP2T-NA 1/2 way accross the world from probably the only other country in the world that has used the UK system - New Zealand - but, NZ changed to a 2 wire system over a decade ago, for discussion see here:

6. So, having both lines of a PAP2T-NA working and plugging in a UK 3 wire phone to phone port 1 results in it ringing when phone line 2 rings but not when line 1 rings and a 3 wire phone pluged into phone port 2 likewise doesn't ring...

7. Answer is to use a 1 pair (2 wire) cord from the PAP2T-NA to any UK 3 wire phone and wire a 1.8uF 250V capacitor between wire 2 and wire 3 of the phone

Hope this helps the next one

Thanks all,


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