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SPA-2102 Firmware (5.1.12)

I brought a 4-month old SPA-2102 ATA from a Ring Central Customer.  The info screen shows:

Product Information
Product Name:SPA-2102Serial Number:FMXXXXXXXXXX
Software Version:5.1.12Hardware Version:1.3.5(a)
MAC Address:XXXXXXXXXXXXClient Certificate:Installed

The official Cisco Firmware page for this device shows the latest available Firmware as 5.1.10.  Can anyone explain where this Software Version (5.1.12) came from and what features does it have that 5.1.10 doesn't?  Thx

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Re: SPA-2102 Firmware (5.1.12)


The SPA2102 firmware version 5.1.12 is the latest release and will be available for download by next week and will include the associated Release Notes and other tools.


-Lance Harper

Product Manager

Cisco Systems, Inc.

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Re: SPA-2102 Firmware (5.1.12)

ok, now I'm getting confused.

The latest firmware on Cisco's site is v5.2.10 Released 24/AUG/2009.

Nothing older than 5.2.3 is listed at Cisco.

What am I missing?


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Re: SPA-2102 Firmware (5.1.12)

I'm the one confusing you.  The correct firmware from the Cisco site is indeed 5.2.10.  I'm not sure why the new firmware would not be 5.2.12, as oppose to 5.1.12?

Re: SPA-2102 Firmware (5.1.12)

5.1.12 is an old firmware version of SPA2102 released in 2007.

5.2.12 is a next or beta release as explained by Lance Harper of Cisco.

This is the release notes of 5.1.12:

SPA 2102

Seems to address some of the problems we are having.

Release Notes for -- Linksys SPA-2102 5.1.12

2102 -- 2 Port FXS, 2 Ethernet Interface (10/100 support)

Copyright (C) 2007 by Linksys, a Division of Cisco Systems, Inc.

All Rights Reserved.

* * * * * * * * * * IMPORTANT * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  *
* Use of Proprietary Information and Copyright Notice:         *
* This release note document contains proprietary information  *
* that is to be used only by Sipura Technology, Linksys(R),    *
* and Cisco Systems, Inc. customers.  Any unauthorized         *
* disclosure, copying, distribution, or use of this            *
* information is prohibited. This restriction includes         *
* ALL Internet based discussion forums, e.g. DSLreports.       *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  *

/** NOTICE **/
official release

    New Features

--- External Notes ---

- New RC blink pattern. Power LED red-orange slow blink while
   contacting server.  Red-orange double blink if file not found
   or corrupt.

### Since 5.1.6 ###

- Avoid reboot following resync if only changes involve
   Syslog_Server, Debug_Server, Debug_Level.

- XML configuration profiles can now specify parameter values
   using 'value' attributes in empty tags, instead of enclosing 
   the value within start and end tags. 

- Removed Polarity Reversal from the "DTMF(Denmark)" caller-id
   method. Instead  added a new "DTMF(Denmark) With PR" caller-id
   method that behaves the same as the  old "DTMF(Denmark)"

- "strict" dtmf tx mode works for AVT.  Before it only works for
   SIP info.For spa2100, the min. duration for dtmf detection is
   as follows:
   strict mode for AVT: 70 ms
   normal mode for AVT: 40 ms
   strict mode for SIP info: 90 ms
   normal mode for SIP info: 50 ms

- Added IVR option 1910,1920, 1911, 1921 to check and set SIP
   transport setting  for Line 1 and Line 2

- Accept %xx escape syntax in parameter.
   For example  %0d%0a will be unescaped into \r\n (CRLF)

- Allow each SIP message to be as large as 5119 bytes

- Added QoS policy feature to allow user to activate Qos only
   when phone is in use. New parameter "QoS Policy" is added with
   two options: "Always On" and "On When Phone In Use"

- If REGISTER results in a 301 response with a Contact header
   that has a maddr URI parameter,  and if the
   is an IP address, the SPA will change the out proxy proxy address
   to the  value of the maddr address. This value will remain valid
   until the next 301 response, if any, or will restore to the
   originally configured value upon reboot.

- Added "DTMF Tx Strict Hold Off Time" in unit of milliseconds.
   The parameter can be found under line 1 and line 2 tab of the
   "admin/advanced" web page.It is in effect only when "DTMF Tx Mode"
   is set to "strict", and when"DTMF Tx Method" is set to out-of-band;
   i.e. either AVT or SIP-INFO.The default and minimum value is 90 ms. 
   If user inadvertently sets itto less than the default value, the
   system will check and revert to the default value. There is no max
   limit on what user can set of this parameter.A larger value will
   reduce the chance of talk-off(beeping) during conversation,at the
   expense of reduced performance of dtmf detection, which is needed
   for interactive voice response system(IVR).

- When swapping calls in a call-waiting or similar situation, the
   SPA will order the operations to make sure that call hold is
   invoked before call resume.

- Use the value from the Retry-After header in a 5xx response to
   Register request to schedule the next Register retry, if the header
   is present. If this Retry-After is present, all the statically
   configured retry timer values are ignored

- Do not accept Media Loop Back calls (reply Busy) if the phone is
   already off-hook;  If the user takes the phone off-hook while a
   media loopback call is in session, the unit will end  the media
   loopback call immediately

- Added 2 new parameters. 1) Regional Tab : SPA
   plays this ringback tone  instead of if called party
   replies a SIP 182 response w/o SDP to its outbound INVITE request
   (default value is same as except the cadence is
   1s on and 1s off.   2) Line 1/2 Tab :
   When set to "yes", the SPA replies 182 to the  caller if it is already
   in a call and the phone is off-hook (default value is "no")

- Added support to 9 ring cadence and 3 preferred codecs.

    Bug Fixes

--- External Notes ---

- Fixed this problem: The Tone information shown on Info page shows  
   incorrect tone for Ring tone

- Fixed this problem: Call info does not show FAX call and and the
   encoder/decoder does not show T.38 on Info page  when T.38 FAX
   Relay is in progress;

- bug fix: QoS is always enabled if "Maximum Uplink Speed" was changed.
   Even when line is idle.

- Fixed this problem: Daylight Saving Time is not correct if start
   time is later then end time of the year in the

- Fixed this problem: Unit should ignore in-dialog re-INVITE if it has 
   not received ACK to the 200 response to the initial INVITE from the
   caller. This condition might happen if the ACK was lost but the first
   re-INVITE has already been  sent by the peer.

- Fixed this problem: Unit should not filter out leading * or #  digit in
   the incoming caller id number, as these can be legitimate phone number  digits

- Fixed this problem: Cannot detect DTMF digits on FXS port at 50ms on/off
   during a call, even if is "normal".

- Fixed constant reboot parameter corruption issue.

### Since version 5.1.10 ###

- Fixed this bug: If = "yes" and
   Codec> is not G711u, and using default values of
   Codec> and , the SDP in outbound initial
   INVITE will contain 2 codecs, which would be unexpected to existing 
   customers. The fix is by adding the option "Unspecified" to
   Preferred Codec> and . This new option is
   the default value for these parameters

- Fixed this problem:: DNS SRV prefix for SIP over TLS should be
   _sips._tcp. instead of _sip._tls.      

- Worked around this problem: some server will change the Contact
   header's address in their response to the Spa's SIP REGISTER request,
   so that the SPA cannot find the corresponding Contact in the response
   and therefore may not be able to extract the proper expires value
   inserted by the server. This is a problem if the expires value
   inserted by the server in the response is smaller than the value in
   the original SIP REGISTER request. The work around is to use the first
   entry in the Contact header if an exactly matching address is not found.

- Disable QoS when unit boots up if QoS policy "On When Phone In Use" is

- Fixed certain continuous reboot conditions which cause  the unit to become

New Member

Re: SPA-2102 Firmware (5.1.12)


Apologies for the confusion. The next firmware release for the SPA2102 will be v5.2.12 and will be posted this week.


-Lance Harper

Product Manager

Cisco Systems, Inc.

New Member

Re: SPA-2102 Firmware (5.1.12)

We are now into a new week and no sign of 5.2.12.  When will the new firmware be made available?