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spa-2102r - Customization in Pending state

I have an unused spa-2102r that is missing the "admin" options in the UI.

Under VOICE, it shows the product name: SPA-2102, s/w version: 3.3.5(a) and Customization is "Pending".

Once connected to the internet, it gets an IP from my router, then tries to pickup a file from, however, the file is missing I think, since the power light then starts blinking 0.2sec ON, and 0.8sec OFF, according to:

this means that the configuration file is missing.

I tried the **** RESET# 1, but that does not change anything, it does reboot, but eventually gets into this state that the file on is missing.

The device is not usable, since it is not possible to configure the phone, line 1 or line 2.

Any tips appreciated.

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spa-2102r - Customization in Pending state

It's restricted device, locked to particular provider. You are not allowed to configure it by self. Only appropriate provider can configure it via the (missing) file. Ask the provider in question for help or return device to seller.

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spa-2102r - Customization in Pending state

Ok, thanks.. I did a quick network trace, it tries to pull from, I was told this was a sunrocket device, however that company is long-gone I think.  Any chance Cisco or Sipura can help?

Personally, I would think some law/regulation should prohibit any company from generating devices that are bricks, or at least offer a way to unlock them once that company becomes defunct, if only for being more GREEN towards precious earth resources.


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spa-2102r - Customization in Pending state

On other side, there are restricted devices on the market and there are unrestricted devices avaiable as well. It's up to you to select the one fulfilling your needs. You selected the restricted device. Consequences are yours. No one else should be considered responsible (unless you has been cheated by seller, but even in such case, it's not vendor's responsibility).

Any chance Cisco or Sipura can help?

It's sunrocket's device, not Cisco's. Sunrocket may unblock it for you only. Cisco will not help you, as far as I know.

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