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SPA-3000 sends DTMF 23 instead of # to gw0 (FXO/PSTN) since 3.1.20(GW)

The SPA-3000 after upgrading from firmware 3.1.18 to 3.1.20 can no longer send a DTMF # tone out its gw0 port: It instead incorrectly replaces any # characters in the dial string with the numbers 2, 3.

I would appreciate if someone on this forum could report this to development as a bug.

This problem was introduced into 3.1.20 as a side effect of the following bug fix documented in the 3.1.20 release notes: "SPA should escape occurrences of '#' in the dial string with %23 in outbound INVITE".

23 is the hexadecimal ASCII code for #, and if a dialled # sign is to become part of a SIP INVITE it is appropriate to escape it, but if it is to be re-dialled still as DTMF by the SPA to the PSTN or whatever is connected to its gw0/FXO port, it is A MAJOR BUG to escape it.

As a workaround I've downgraded back to 3.1.18 which is still available at:

Steps to reproduce:

1) Connect the gw0/FXO port of the SPA to the PSTN

2) Set the Line 1 Dial Plan to something that allows dialing # such as:


    (The above allows any sequence of one or more standard DTMF digits to be dialled, and they are all supposed to get passed through verbatim to gw0.)

3) Dial someting with a # such as 1 #9 643 6400

4) Notice how the SPA incorrectly dials 1 239 643 6400 (which happens to go to CableUSA in Naples, FL)

Cisco Employee

Re: SPA-3000 sends DTMF 23 instead of # to gw0 (FXO/PSTN) since

Dear Sir;

Thanks for the information. Actually SPA3000 is end of sale, so no further development on this. My suggestion is that you keep using 3.1.18.


New Member

Re: SPA-3000 sends DTMF 23 instead of # to gw0 (FXO/PSTN) since

Got a bunch of these in 2007... was hoping they wouldn't be bricked already. Nice device most of the time. If I were in product management and found out that one of the former flagship products has a silly little software bug that actually breaks on of the buttons on the attached phone, I'd see if there wasn't something that could be done about it. You know, it may affect how confident a potential customer would be investing in another product from that supplier...

Anyway, anyone know of an analog telephone to SIP adapter with POTS fall-back out there that supports all buttons on the attached phone? No router needed, just an ATA. But all of 0-9, * and # has to work whether operating in SIP or POTS mode.

For now I am indeed using 3.1.18 on the SPA-3000 boxes as a stop-gap, but 3.1.18 cannot send a proper # "tone" in a SIP invite (as %23). 3.1.20 can do that at the expense of not being able to send a # code as DTMF.

Cisco Employee

Re: SPA-3000 sends DTMF 23 instead of # to gw0 (FXO/PSTN) since

Hi pwestess,

You make a good point. I've forwarded your comments to the product management team so that they are aware of the issues.




New Member

Hello .. this problem was

Hello .. this problem was solved ?, because currently I have the same problem.

I have the following scenario:

Panasonic PBX (analog extension port) <=====> SPA3102 <===== LAN ===== > SPA112 <=====> Phone

I can make and receive calls to PBX extensions, but when I try to take the PSTN and dial 49xxxx# 9 and then the phone number, the Panasonic PBX don´t make de call to the PSTN because the SPA sends 49<passwod>239 <phone number>.

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