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SPA-8000 NEC-IP2AP-924M Analogue PBX connectivity issues

Having issues with SPA-8000 connected to an old NEC-IP2AP-924M Analogue PBX.

It is setup through the VOIP vendor (MyNetFone) interface to ring each station line for 10 seconds and move on to the next, and finally to VoiceMail.

We know the VOIP vendor's setup works as we have the same arrangement working internally at our office; but using a much older Nortel/GSX (now LG) Analogue PBX.

What happens at the client's installation is that each station lights and give one single solitary ring, and then stays silent for 10 seconds before moving to the next station line.

This behavior is certainly not desired.

Presumably there is an issue with the ring tone frequency, shape, duty-cycle, etc.

I'm hoping that someone out there has hit this kind of problem with another (or same) Analogue PBX or phone and knows what SPA-8000 line parameters I should change


Thanks in advance

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