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SPA Line1/Line2-->Phone port 1 help

I have a single line analog phone  connected to Phone Port 1 of SPA2012 with firmware 5.2.13. I have 2 voip  services configured, Callcentric on line 1 and LocalPhone on line 2.  Questions:

1.  Is there a way to dial out using service configured on line 2 with a  single line analog phone physically connected to Phone Port 1. Any code  like Obi110 has **2? Can dial plan be set to do this via ip dialling? if  yes can someone provide some config help and dialplan help for the  same?

2. I read the below( Can someone tell me how that works as it is not working in my case. Any special setting?

"Line1 / Line2 => Phone Port Line 1" is a feature of SPA2102.

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SPA Line1/Line2-->Phone port 1 help

For my experience the first case is not possible with SPA2102.

The second is possible with 4 wire cable (2 couple).


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SPA Line1/Line2-->Phone port 1 help

So for second if I use a 4 wire 2 couple cable/jack, incoming will be resolved agreed. Challenge is which line will dial out if I dial out and how do I control that dialout only happens with one line and not both simultaneously

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