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SPA112 Call Forwarding Problem

Hi all,


I am new to the forum.


We have deployed around fifty SPA112 ATA's on our wireless network, in South Africa, over the last six months. I recently have started having the same issue with call forwarding. I use the default code *72(desired number). The forwarding rule takes effect but as soon as you try to call the origional number, I get the engaged tone straight away. On mobile phones it just displays it as user busy. Once the call forwarding rule is disabled, calling behaves normally again.


I have tried every combination of settings but can not get the call forwarding to work. Is this a problem on the SPA112 or should I be looking at my SIP server?


Any tips will be greatly appreciated!



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SPA112 Call Forwarding Problem

Hard to decide for external observer.

Catch the SIP communication between SPA112 and SIP server. It will help us to help you. Syslog and debug messages may help as well.

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