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SPA112 dual providers

I had an Obi100 where I was able to configure outbound calls through Google Voice and all my inbound calls came through CallCentric.  As you can imagine this worked for awhile but Obi's product is not the best... So I decided to purchase the SPA112.  I would like to setup the same config on the SPA112 but not sure how.  I've got the inbound calling working through CallCentric but not sure how to make the outbound work.


Any help would be GREATLY appreaciated!!!




Hello, I'm sorry you are


I'm sorry you are having issues with the configuration for this device.

First of all I would like to mention that this device was not designed to work or be compatible with google voice so I'm not sure if it will work (My guess is that it won't).

Now, regardless of the service you are using, there are a minimum of configurations that will need to be entered to be able to register the device to make calls.

You will need the proxy name or domain name for the service, usually something like Sip.Provider .com.

Then you will need The display name, which is usually same as the user id, normally it will be the phone number assigned to your account

Lastly you will need the password.

Go ahead and try entering this info if you have it, but even if you do I dont expect for this to work as the device is not meant to be compatible with Google Voice.

Please let us know.

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