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SPA112 unable to dial out but can dial in

Have recently installed an SPA112 VoIP adapter. It is able to receive calls but cannot send them. Am certain there is something missing in the set-up but not sure what? Any help would be great please.

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Have done some research and

Have done some research and found a forum on Whirlpool which tackles the problem with various brands of routers including Billion and Netgear. Mine is a TPLink AC1750 and what they suggest worked. I use iinet as my VoIP service provider.

Here is the link to the Whirlpool discussion but have also included what I actually did.

When using the quick set-up it was the that was required along with the phone number and password to receive calls.

To make calls I had to do all of the following:

- ON YOUR ROUTER disable the SIP ALG setting.

- ON THE SPA112 set the following to 'YES' - 'NAT Mapping Enable' and 'NAT Keep Alive Enable'

- ON THE SPA112 make sure the Proxy and Outbound Proxy are set properly. for me it was,net,au for the Proxy and for the Outbound Proxy.

That's it.

Works great although there is a long delay between dialing and the call going through but that's okay. It works.

Hope this helps.

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